Seniors4Seniors Benefits  These Groups of People


High School Students

  • We connect you with a senior/older adult mentor, often who shares some of your interests

  • We provide you the information you need to succeed


Seniors/Older Adults

  • We connect you with a high school student you can associate with and mentor.  We strive to connect you with a student with whom you have shared interests

  • You’ll have an opportunity to be a positive influence in the life of a youth member of our community

  • You may even make a new friend!

Senior/Older Adult Care Communities

  • Your residents will be able to provide service to a youth member of the community

  • They will have an opportunity for positive interaction as they serve as a mentor to the student

  • Members of the community who have parents or grandparents, who could become new residents, will become familiar with the quality of your community

  • Seniors4Seniors facilitates standardized guidelines for each student visitor and other necessary paperwork to meet your facilities requirements, saving the time of your staff members.


  • Seniors4Seniors facilitates a standardized and safe method for connecting your students with senior mentors

  • Guidelines are established in cooperation with the senior community staff to assure the safety and security of the student and the senior mentor during visits

  • Students participating in the program have the opportunity to have a rich and rewarding service  experience 

  • The process of scheduling meetings, having person to person interactions, and the documentation processes will enable the student  to develop valuable life skills.