What Can I Do?

  • Many studies, conducted around the world, have identified the significant value and importance of connecting youth with seniors.  When they serve each other, the lives of the seniors and the youth are greatly enhanced and contribute to overcoming many of the challenges these two groups commonly face, including loneliness, isolation, depression and suicide.  Through serving each other their feelings of self worth and their happiness are increased.

  • The only requirement of participants is to take the time for meaningful communications with the senior/older adult or youth they connect with.  There is no cost for participating except time and caring hearts.  There are also no costs to organizations that help by facilitating these connections.  The costs for operating Seniors4Seniors is covered by voluntary donations from individuals and organizations.

  • This opportunity to give back to a worthwhile cause is open to all capable seniors/older adults and high school aged youth willing to serve and maintain appropriate and safe interactions.

  • Learn more about Seniors4Seniors from our website information, watching our posted videos and even calling us.   We believe that the more you know, the more you will want to help our seniors and youth participate in Seniors4Seniors.

  • Tell your seniors/older adults or youth about Seniors4Seniors.  Not all of those you speak to will be willing to serve a senior or youth in this way.  This service is more than a conversation or two. Having a more extended connection is one of the reasons Seniors4Seniors service is a more meaningful experience.

  • Get the word out through posting flyers (we will provide), articles in your newsletters and other means of communication.

  • Help us make connections!  Encourage the seniors or youth to get involved by contacting us.  They can do this through our website, text, email or telephone.

  • When you learn about positive experiences of Seniors4Seniors participants, tell the world about us.  Those willing to share their experiences by photos, videos or in writing are encouraged to do so.  We will make sure that they are shared on our social media resources.

      We will recognize organizations that assist us in our work as our  partners.

Who Benefits?

  • Senior/Older Adult residents are often lonely and seek social interaction

  • Senior/Older Adults  desire to be appreciated for their knowledge, life experiences and expertise

  • Senior/Older Adults want to be contributing members of your community 

  • Senior/Older Adults have decades of acquired insights they enjoy passing on to future generations

  • Youth desire to provide worthwhile service to others

  • Youth need to gain experience with social interactions, organizational skills, and developing their talents

  • Youth need quality mentors

  • Youth are required to provide community service or complete a senior project in order to graduate from High School 

  • Senior/Older Adult Centers provide fulfilling, positive experiences for their residents

  • Senior/Older Adult Centers become recognized as contributing members of their local community

  • Senior/Older Adult Centers increase awareness of their communities among family members of likely future residents

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