Our Older Adults are Giving Back!

Sacrificing independence when moving to a senior residence community can be challenging.

You’ve had rich life experiences, fulfilled successful careers, mastered skills,  and yet may find yourself with limited opportunities to share or apply your experience and knowledge in meaningful ways.

You may live in a senior community, while still having a clear and active mind!

You may desire to be a contributing member of society but feel l unneeded and underappreciated.

KnowYour Contributions are Needed!

The Need

  • High School students, often seniors, are seeking enriching service opportunities to fulfill graduations requirements. 

  •  Some requirements are for service hours.  Other requirements are tied to challenging senior projects, including the involvement of a mentor.  

  • The time commitments for the service ranges from 15 to 20 hours.  

  • These students want to perform meaningful service, yet these types of opportunities are difficult to find.  

How Can I Help?

  • You can be a mentor. 

  • The student may be interested in the same career field you worked in, enabling you to share your experience, perspective and counsel regarding that field.

  • Whether the student’s need for service is general or specific to a project, the experience they gain through scheduling meeting times, interacting with you and recording information regarding their visits helps the student to develop valuable life skills.

  • Perhaps of greatest value, is the opportunity to serve another person, and experience the joy that comes from service.

  • Both of your lives are enriched through service to each other.

Do You Want to Help?

About Us

Seniors4Seniors is a nonprofit corporation.

We enable meaningful connections between high school students and older adult members in our communities, each seeking  opportunities to serve each other.  

To view nonprofit organization documents click here.

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